Welcome to this website presenting the CNRS/INSU/LEFE IMAGO conference, held in Plouzané (France, 3rd-5th May 2017)

The participants in front of the sea

This conference was a unique opportunity to discuss of the AMOC dynamics in the past, present and future. It has covered different aspects of the state-of-the-art knowledge concerning this circulation, based on in situ observations, paleoclimatic reconstructions, theoritical and numerical modelling.

It was funded by CNRS/INSU LEFE-IMAGO programme.

It was divided into 5 main sessions

  1. Instrumental observations of the AMOC
  2. Paleo-climatic reconstructions of the AMOC
  3. Drivers of the AMOC: Theoretical approaches
  4. Lessons from numerical modelling of the ocean and climate for the AMOC dynamics
  5. Climatic impact and implications of AMOC variations

The list of presentations given in pdf format is available here .

The report from the conference is available here (in French!) and the list of participants here

Here is the flyer in png (4.4 Mo) or pdf (75. 8 Mo) (A4 format) for the event, do not hesitate to print it and stick it in your lab.

Upcoming collquium in May 2017